Empire Company presents the second half of Power, POWER 2, an initiative cooked by the CEO of the label, Pit Baccardi. “Power” #DonnerDonner is another hit song with the combination of five talented artists; Magasco, Tenor, Locko, Mimie and Minks. The sound was produced by Sagntum and shot in Yaounde by Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

With the first part POWER already on more than 2 million views on YouTube, the song introduces Mimie who wasn’t in the first version.

Keeping Rythmz out of the page this time, the fans has already started a campaign for Ko-C in the next one and Rythmz themselves not left out again.

Pit lately has developed a lot of interest on Big Dreams Entertainment artists; Dj Zoumanto ft Ko-C and Mimie, Empire Company artists ft Locko & Mink’s in the first version of the video and now again.

If Pit is to think of Power 3 for real, there is a high probability that Mr. Leo, Ko-C or Numerica might jump on it.

Watch the full video here.



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