“Seat of Wisdom” (Tragedy of Heads and Hearts) By Anurin Nwunembom Now On Amazon

Cameroonian filmmaker Anurin Nwunembom releases his new book on amazon, Seat of Wisdom (Tragedy of Heads and Hearts).

Seat of Wisdom is a book aimed at educating and directing African youth in the path of self-dependent and uprightness. The book breaks the myth of Africans, mostly its youths to respect and give more values to their cultural heritage and be conscious of the western civilization.

Anurin living the sets to write a book is a no surprise for his fans and for those who follows him daily on social media. The actor, director and acting coach is one of the few Cameroonians that will spend his valuable time on social media sensitizing young and ignorant black minds.

“Seat of Wisdom (Tragedy of Heads and Hearts) is an account of how uncontrollable circumstances define and impose agony. The writer’s expression of reverence for the process of birth undeniably dominates the narrative from a completely different angle – the husband’s.

Every African is brought up with the consciousness that economic prosperity is inextricably linked to spiritual and political might. The dominant influence of western culture and civilisation clearly takes away rather than adds the ebullience and magnificence of African communal values.
Akimbom’s predicament is the reality of at least one hundred thousand Cameroonians to some few million Africans.”

Buy on Amazon

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