Little Cindy Official Film Premier at the Corner

It’s another great screenplay to rock the film stores in the Cameroon but before that, the cinemas for public viewing.

Cameroonian filmmaker Billy Bob N. Lifongo shares another art of his in his new production, Little Cindy, a feature film starring more than 6 of Cameroonian popular faces in the industry.

Among the list of top celebrities starring in the film is the little, Mayorchu Atem- Ebai’s, an award winning young kids who has feature on TV Commercials and as well other award winning films.

This will be Mayorchu’s first film since the start of the year 2018.

The film stares: Libota McDonald, Ojong Solange, Mayorchu Atem Ebai, Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery, Lyno Lovet, Stephanie Tum.

Watch the trailer

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