Fashion: FIAFA 2018, All You Need To Know


Memfor Alfred, a popular celebrity known for capturing lovely images with his 50MM lens, is a Cameroonian professional photographer and founder of Fredash Entertainment, a brand name for his photography works, model agency and events-organizing agency.

In 2011, Afred started FIAFA, with the brand name Fredash, which was given to him by his secondary school mates.

The photographer, who do not shoot and tell stories only from ideas around him, is also a traveler and has participated in so many fashion and cultural events across the continent. As a business photographer who do not only take pictures with eyes close, Fredash started cultivating the idea of not only going and meeting other photographers and big fashion designers around Africa, but also to create same kind of meeting point in Cameroon so that Cameroon’s culture and the continent at large will be put on the map. That led to the creation of FIAFA.

In 2011, Fredash started one of the first admirable Cameroonian Fashion avenue, FIAFA, literally known as Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue, an avenue to promote professional and young fashion designers, arts and craft and entertainment.

Today, Thursday, April, 12th 2018, Fredash in collaboration with the Ministry of Arts and Culture, organized the first ever FIAFA press conference and casting in Yaoundé for the  FIAFA 7th edition to start on Friday, May 4th 2018 –  Saturday, May 5th, 2018.

Moderator, Dulafe Valery Tata

The event which started from 3:30PM, was marked with a good turnout of press men and ladies from online blogs, newspapers and television channels plus an incredible turnout of a good number of young and vibrant models.

For the past 6 years, the annual event casting and press conferences has been circulating only around two cities, Douala and Buea. Replying to why he had to choose Yaoundé this year, Fredash had this to say…

 “Everything need to starts here, this the palace and we need to come here and seek for blessings. Yaounde is the capita of fashion in Cameroon not just the capital of Cameroon and I think coming here is like coming to seek for blessing from the forefathers. It’s our father’s compound”

Like never before, this year’s event will be sealed by the face of Orange Cameroon, one of the best telecommunication agency in the country. Fredash in clearing worries why Orange is the main sponsor said this…

“Orange Cameroon is doing a great job not only by serving the youths in telecommunication. They see the need to be this year’s sponsors because FIAFA is something for youths and can contribute to youths employment and sustainable development”

In backing up what different FIAFA 2018 will have to offer, Fredash concluded by hammering hard on the beauty and expectation of this year’s event…

“Everything is moving in the right direction. Things will be much more professional considering the fact FIAFA is one of the fashion and lifestyle event in Cameroon”

The event is schedule to take place in Buea next month at Chariot Hotel and borrowing words from Fredash; we need to support the fashion industry if we want to see it succeed. We are the government and for us to grow, we must work with one another.

See you all in Buea, May 4th.

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