Discover Le-Yo, Cameroonian Musician At The Helm Of Afropop In Berlin


For decades now, the African music has cross boundaries and make headlines all across the six continents.  African music genres likes Highlife, Makossa, Afrobeat, Funk, Rumba, Ndoumbolo…have had great exposures and have contributed greatly to the world’s popular music with their style and brand.

Just the exact moment when the continent is taking over the world music, Cameroonian born German based afro pop young king, Le-Yo, has been keeping Germany on its feet with countless afro beat hits back-to-back.

Born and raised in Cameroon, Le-Yo has been in Germany for more than 5 years grinding and working on his African music heritage. Working on achievement that, the young upcoming never stopped on building a solid empire for his arts. Last year, Le-Yo made a remarkable move on his career by dropping his début EP, THE PLAN.

His debut EP, Plan, was made up of 7 tracks consists of both Afro beats and Afro Pop.  Not only his voice nor his stage influence, Le-Yo is an energetic, powerful and talented artist who do not brag just as a recording artist but also a sound engineer, as he records and masters his own songs at times.

Before the end 2017 music season, he releases an RnB single “Don’t Leave Me” to keep his fans feeling and vibing to it while he prepared for a bigger project.

Le-yo is an independent artist who runs his own equipment, band and team. He is  signed under his own entertainment label, Banks Films Entertainment, which handles all his recordings, music video productions plus his bookings.

Already having an establish foundation where he is based, Germany, the former Big Bounce captain, an award winning dancing group that made life out of lifeless bodies during their existence in Cameroon, is currently striving hard to grow and add more fans to his already growing home base fans in Cameroon.

Coming Up Next Week.

One week from now, Le-Yo is expecting to make another huge move that matters a lot in his career especially during such moments when his name is starting gaining grounds in the country. He is working on the drop of Plan official video, the lead song in his EP. This a song that he has taken almost a year to hype and promote on every social media in Cameroon and as well in Germany. This is a banger!

After announcing Plan’s official video drop a week from now, Le-Yo announced the coming of another EP, ClLIMAX, yesterday,  a huge project as he calls it expecting to drop probably at the end of the month. According to his Facebook update, it is likely to say, Climax’s release and package may carry more flames than Plan’s.

If there’s one thing anyone should know about Le-Yo, is that the kid is restless, hungry and pregnant with so much in him to deliver to the world.

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