See Stunning Pictures of Sangtum’s Outdoor Photoshoot This Week

Celebrating celebrities this week, no one wouldn’t like to start the week without emphasizing on the stunning pictures of Cameroon’s current sound engineer with the best Music tag, Sangtum.

DJ Pazzo, now known as Sangtum, is an award-winning sound engineer and closest friend to African pop star, Magasco. Not because the two comes from the same tribe, but also because they started their career sharing same clothes to attend shows together.

Sangtum took the social media yesterday uploading some very cool flashy pictures of him, with no tagged nor announced any reason for the new upload; guest he only wanted to change his account interface. The pictures are strikingly color graded with so much details on the blue sky and orange body tone.

This is the first time the celebrity has uploaded three pictures in a role with no major announcement. Posts like that usually comes with announcements either for his birthday or the release of something. However, we should also know his child, Kikoh, was onset for his video shoot with Magasco last week.

The Blue Berry City head did not just end there, he went ahead and changed his Facebook profile picture and wallpaper with the new shoots. Definitely, something is at the corner.

Sangtum, who also poses as the brain behind Master Roboster’s knowledge of beats making, another incredible sound engineer, has been Magasco’s most trusted sound engineer and has produced about 99% of Magasco’s songs including all his hit songs.

Enjoy SANGTUM’S new look and for the benefit of doubt, anticipating anything soon.


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