What Established Artists in Cameroon Should Never Do

Becoming a super star and that one the fans love and can’t go a week without checking your feed and recent release, should never make you feel superior. Definitely, what the fans give to their stars is real love; they follow and make you feel relevant and most at times needs only your humility and respect as pay back.

Many established artists who don’t know the ethics of the showbiz would find it difficult dealing with their fans if they think they fans need them more than they need the fans. The same way a businessperson will respects and pates a customer, it’s the same way artists at times need to do toward their fans.

A case in point is Cameroon. Most of the few established artists are still to be rooted on how the showbiz work outside their talent and what the fans expect from them. A Cameroonian artist who thinks his 1 or 2 million online video is a hit and he/she has got fans and can now do whatever he likes, should have a rethink.

The Cameroon entertainment industry has not yet grown to a certain level but  it is eventually witnessing a lot of changes as compared to the past decades. Same way the vibrant and kicking youths are bend on delivering good music, is the same way their energy is attracting fans.

As an established artist especially in small bag full of talents in a country like Cameroon, where producers are more than consumers, that is, artists and celebrities are more than fans, you need to know three main things to keep your career trending and alert.

Social media (Facebook). It might be where you got your fans and followers and might be where you will lost them. When you become addicted with social media and fans already know you as someone that likes to post every day and at times make public opinions, the day you stop posting as you have been posting, the day they misses you and your absence start posing a question. Why, simply because you made them to know you are always online and they can always get to you through it.

When you later have a rethink that you were doing the wrong thing and stop, they will know there is nothing for you to post and they will be waiting for the day you post again meanwhile you might have dropped a new release on YouTube. No one would care to go check it YouTube because you didn’t raised them like that. You’ve been that artist that only feeds them and not training them.

Social media may be good but don’t depend so much on it. Make use of your Facebook page, Instagram and twitter rather than ordinary Facebook account.

Media Promo: Because you are already up and has gotten a million or two million YouTube views or even more than, and you think you need no media promo again because you are already star, you starts making your name irrelevant among other artists going for media tours.

It is never too difficult to be a star but too difficult to maintain the stardom. The fans that decided to follow you probably must have followed you because of your hard work and what you said in a one radio or aa television show you were there as guest. A lot of artists behave like politicians during campaigns by making promises and when they win their supports and votes, they forget about the promises. That is why, most at time, an international act could not be popular in his/her home country.

The population at one point tends to like the local artists they know they will see go for media tours and they will hear from him what his or her next project is. The same energy you put in branding your first hit, use that same energy with your next songs and you won’t regret.

Awareness or Alert. Just as in media promo, you should not make your fans look stupid or insulted because of your character.

You do a month promo for your debut hit and the fans join in anticipating and when it drops, you get a good stream, buzz and fame then you decide to get up one morning on your second release without same routine and release a song without anticipating. Why did you start something you wont be able to finish.

Even in Nigeria, SA, USA…popular artists writes and alert the public with the release of their songs. The moment you feel big and don’t drop a coming soon for your new song one week before or days before the drop, the moment you start losing attention. It’s something psychological that fans tends to be the players. Fans react with such reactions the way you make them to.

What happens to the online hashtags and fans twitting about the song? that hype and space you give before the official release is not only important to the song but for you as an artist. When you think you can’t alert fans and drop your song, the fans also see the link, go watch or listen to it and keep quiet with no hash tag nor retweet; acting silently as you did with the release.

The secret is, when you announce the official drop of a song, you captivate the minds of the people. Someone can’t motivate you when you can’t convince him to motivate you. A song that was not anticipated can hardly be fixed when it is already released.

Cameroonian fans are very fragile, the most complicated and understanding fans every artist could dream of. But the moment they start falling out with you, you see yourself running behind while facing front without knowing why.

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