How Fashion and Beauty Contributed To Shape Camiff 2018

In a much as cinema and networking headlined the topics of each day at the just ended Camiff 2018, Fashion and beauty was at the helm of each activity.

You ask anyone that was present at the Camiff 2018 in Buea about the festival; no one will finish narrating how beautiful and engaging the event was without mentioning the elegant, beautiful and glowing fabrics of We Trend Ankara 237, that rocked the ceremonial ground.

Brand in style and fashion, We Trend Ankara 237, was at the lip of all as the ever fresh and beautiful Mbango Adambi, rocked her white long natural made party gown to the Camiff white party. An outfit that did not only hit the social media but also those present at the party.

Her hours spent during the festival from the beginning remains one of the best moment of this year’s event as she cajoled the attention of everyone.

Talking on the other side was another Cameroonian actress, Candy Laurice. The Yaoundé based actress joined Mbango in what many termed a premeditated show-off plan. The combination of the two celebs rocking the same  We Trend Ankara 237 fabrics remains a planned act as far as Camiff 2018 fashion corner was concern.

Congratulations to the energy put in place by the designers and until we meet again in 2019.

See full list of CAMIFF 2018 winners HERE

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