Second Most Creative Music Video From Cameroon After LA Sauce – Fedeti By Rythmz (5 Facts)

It is not the usual clean and color corrected video from Cameroon but an example of the power of music video visuals story telling.

Since 2016 when Reniss took the continent by storm not just because of her hit song La Sauce but because of the delivery and so much devotion on the video and audio production, Cameroon has not seen another piece like that since now.

Empire Company music duo, Rythmz might have just broken the cage or add theirs to the list of the most creative video from Cameroon since the start of 2018 and since La Sauce was release with their new video Fedeti.

This is not just an audio buffer song that one might think of it trending for a while like other fine songs and make a rest. FEDETI will add to the list of records like Na For Bafut by Ambe, Le Gars La Est Laid by Mink’s, Thank You Lord by Locko, Bush Faller by Jovi and others.

“Fededi is a name we use to call sapeurs when we were in Secondary school, it is a dance for classic men. We call it FEDETI GANG if you were a member” – PhillBill

Five reasons why FEDETI will break boundaries.

Costume / Branding

Pay keen attention to the costume. It is not just the usual artists begging crews or friends to come stare in their videos with assorted costume of specific colors. Looking at the video, you will agree that Adah Akenji had in his hand the video treatment script of about ten pages with details on everything right down to the period (look) he want to take us to.  This is one of the most organized costume-video since the start of the year from Cameroon. We are looking at the same kind of branding Clarence A. Peters in Nigeria will give to Yemi Alade in her video, Heart Robber. Just like La Sauce, Fedeti costumes speaks more than the song itself.

Choreography/ Performance

Rythmz are known to be flexible but not up to this extend seen in Fedeti. Seems artists know when a song will hit and when it will not. The same energy we saw in Reniss’ La Sauce is the same flexibility the talented duo portray in Fedeiti. Their understanding with their choreographers is just so amazing to prove that the entire production was well planned and rehearsed during pre-production before the final production date, something we rarely see in other Cameroonian video clips.

Set design/ stage props

The second song that will probably drive you to shoot the video of that your hit song with your producer. When you look around in Cameroon and watch music videos from Cameroon, you will rarely find any video with such an expensive set looking this beautiful but the usual shining and attractive videos. Why La Sauce is called up in this video is not just for the costume presentation but also because of the stage props and details we see in both videos; Microphones, live band, assorted drinks… those details add a lot in the visual story telling of the video.

Searching for locations is something not common with most video directors who forgets to note locations matter a lot in the entire production of any visual project. Fedeti is a complete package with a good video location.

Cinematography / Color

Fedeti music video respects almost all the six element of cinematography, be light, exposure, lens, movement…. The video color temperature plays very much on the psychology of the viewers. It is not every director that will use tons of light gels and convey a story as explicit as seen Fedeti. Adah Akenji uses  more than six different light colors, well position with each telling its own story.

Artistic Director.

Adah Akenji, Ndukong and  Dr. Nkeng Stephens today has upper hands in visual storytelling because of their understanding and mastery of filmmaking. Before being a video director, Adah Akenji was (is) an artist and a film director. Having someone that will understand the song first as an artist and be able to write down the video treatment as a director, it’s a surplus to every artist.  Not every director knows what cinema is or visual story telling. Fedeti is directed by an artist, a movie and music video director – that alone is a plus mark for Rythmz.

Fedeti will be use as a reference by many artists and music video as from today. WATCH

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