Gist: Brenda Biya and Cindy To Open A Cosmetic Line “Bree And Cindy Cosmetics”

Cameroon’s beauty, Brenda Biya, daughter of the head of state, this week announces on her Instagram account the opening of a cosmetic line called “Bree and Cindy Cosmetics” with Cindy.

Whoever Cindy is, we still do not know but she must be a good friend of hers.

On Monday this week, she uploaded a picture announcing the coming soon of the new line after she had uploaded a short video on March 16, last month advertising a hair shop in Los Angeles. Probably the shop that inspired her to think of her own line!

“Stay tuned for Bree X Cindy Cosmetics makeup line coming soon” Brenda Biya

Brenda Biya is one of the few young lady today in Cameroon that not only brags and concentrates on her beauty and background but also on building a future for herself and for others.

From writing books that will change perceptions on how people look at others because of an encounter she and in the U.S, to now planning on opening a cosmetic line, nothing more than beauty and brain.

Follow Brenda Biya on Instagram and get all the update.

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