“This Was My Most Expensive Song To Produce” Jovi Shares On Twitter

5 years after and still no song nor album in Cameroon to touch the shoulders of H.I.V, the very first album that remains a trait for Jovi’s rap career and the game setter for Cameroon rap music scene.

HIV has countlessly been known as the best album ever release by Jovi and probably the best rap album from Cameroon.  Just last week, the star replied a fan who reminded him of one of the hit tracks in the album.

Bush Faller. Bush Faller remains a record, a record that no Hip-Hop song is still to beat. The song features the legendary, Eko- Rooselvelt.

Bush Faller is typical blend and sample of what African hip-hop is and should be. The song is a blend of hip-hop and some old classics. Jovi narrates to a fan on twitter the pre-production of the song.

“This was my most expensive song to produce. The audio has the budget of a video. Everything on there was played and recorded Live right to the horns and violins. But Hey check out the views, No Regrets I will do it any day coz Papa Eko Roosevelt is a genius”

If records are to be mention especially in Hip-Hop from Cameroon, Bush Faller remains one of the best records from any contemporary rapper present today in the country and probably, Africa.

The song is too original! Watch below.


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