Magasco Cries And Begs All His Followers to join him seek for a solution on the ongoing Anglophone crisis. #CreatASolution

Cameroonian born award winning afro pop artist, Magasco, calls on his fans to follow a movement as a solution on the ongoing crisis plaguing the North West and the South West Regions.

The artists made the statement this morning on his twitter account using a crying emoji to show his grieve and frustration of the situation.

The Anglophone crisis has been going on for months now and the government and the secessionists are yet to come to a common understanding.

As bullets flies from left to right every day, the masses are the ones suffering and gathering the remains of their family members.

Last year, Magasco released a song titled Zamba in Eton language meaning GOD. The song was a tribute to those killed when the crisis was still beeping not knowing it was to last till this day.

This is Magasco’s twitter post.

Please my lovely followers i have just a small favor to ask from you help me and us this hashtag #creatAsolution it’s directed to leaders of both Sides in the Current crisis. Please do it for me we need a Solution and Now if your a true Magasco Fan please use this Hashtag – Magasco

The Anglophone crisis keeps escalating everyday…let’s hope and pray for peace for all. #CreatASolution

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