“Tenor Gotta Fill Up Palais Des Sport, He Doing Good…” Jovi

Apparently, Jovi has endorsed Tenor and his plans to fill up the Multi-purpose Sport Complex (Palaise de Sport) Yaoundé – Love from a big brother.

Earlier this morning, the young rapper released his first EP, “Nnom Ngui” made of 7 amazing tracks. Before that, he had been chanting on his fill-up concert after the Fally Ipupa concert that got him pissed off with the turnout of Cameroonians at the venue who wouldn’t do it for their own acts.

If you are someone that knows Jovi and his ideology of music, you will know, artists don’t come to Jovi but he goes for artists and Tenor is probably the second rapper in this generation Jovi has spoken well of after Pascal.

“Tenor gotta fill up Palaise des Sport, he doing good. I don’t know if the poster coming out soon or it’s out already, bouta promote that shit”- Jovi

After more than two hours Jovi made the tweet, the young star replied…

“Thank you big brother” – Tenor

Among the 7 tracks Tenor released earlier today, one is entire English, with every line in English Language. Could it be the song LVMH motivated Jovi to make the statement today?

Tenor is one of the fortunate rappers today in Central Africa. Just two years he started his stardom, he is probably the first rapper in Central Africa to be signed in a world record label as Universal Music.

Read about Tenor’s New Ep and watch LVMH video Here.

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