“I Have Been Trying To Build My Label, Brand And The New Me” Snazzy Rekindles

Though the Cameroon dance-hall music genre may be experiencing some draw backs to meet up with the other trending genres banging these days in country, the few artists trying to make the culture as projecting as others, are bend on taking every risk and patients, even it means, taking a break and rebranding their talent and come back.

In 2013, Cameroon witnessed a lot of dance hall and reggae artists evolving from every major city in the country. Among the list of new acts that started the planting of seeds in the dance-hall world, was South West Region born Luma Terence, known by his stage name, Snazzy.

In 2014, his first major release to make an impact across some major cities in the country was “MY GOVERNEMNT WHY”, a song that was depicting the current situation of the country at that time. The video was directed by Adah Akenji, with so much special effect on the clip leaving rooms for critics to judge what he was saying and could not put all clear in his lyrics.

Last year after Snazzy has gone for a while, working on his new brand and style, he released a single as a teaser to his new found workout style, ONLY WOMAN and latter went back in the kitchen to finish the polishing of his artistry.

This 2018, the dance hall liege announces his coming back with everything fresh, clean and banging like never before in his career under his new label, Lion Nation. Snazzy’s stay at home for over two years is enough time every artist can sit back to rekindle.

Lion Nation is a music label based in the South West Record with about four signed artists and Snazzy is the Founder.

The Cameroon dancehall genre is seriously lacking behind even though some young acts like Brino Man, Seta Beats, and others are doing a great job but will definitely be greater when Snazzy steps back into a plantation him and others started the digging.




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