How To Get Your Contents For Free On All Cameroonian Blogs And Websites

There is a believe among young and upcoming artists today in Cameroon that all Cameroonian bloggers are money minded. Borrowing words from legal luminaries, I will say it is all a fallacy.

For the sake of allowing you remember what you will read, I write all in at least two paragraphs so that you read and be able to easily retain.

There’s no Cameroonian blogger or arts promoter who joined the bloggers are promoters union for the sake of money making. If you ask any young blogger today, he or she will tell you it’s the passion and the love for the country’s undiscovered talents that motivated him or her to start the journey. With little or no mastery about what communication is all about, and ethics of if it, some still go extra miles to promote artists and turn to be PR. Blogging is a personal thing that needs no authorization from someone to start. The idea of bloggers and what they think toward a particular issue, is their personal interest. They are the ones that knows their readers and your article might not favor them or one thing or the other might not interest them with your content – and most at times, your presentation. The way you present yourself and content to a local blogger is the same way you will need to solicit for every airplay on a television channel. Show bloggers RESPECT.

Bloggers are humans and are fans too. When you convince them with your energy by putting out your own stuffs out there and be able to promote, you attract them to your arts. Even though bloggers do not have matriculated numbers that permits them to collect monthly allowances like civil servants, though they put in a lot of work to put the country on the map, some need money to buy the data to write about you. A lot of bloggers will tend out to take the money you will give them to reinvest it  on your work rather than just saving in their MOMOS. The major secret to get on all blogs and websites in Cameroon is by branding. What do I mean by branding? If you can’t pay a blogger, pay a graphic designer for a good artwork. This is actually where branding comes in. At times, a blogger feels reluctant to write or publish about you because of your artwork or your presentation. In as much as artists are in competition, bloggers are as well in competition to get the best qualities of articles on their sites. A blogger might check his or her mail and without read nor listen to your song, forgets it and go to another when he sees the artwork not captivating. Not to say you can’t motivate a blogger, you can, subsequently. Provide the blogger a good artwork, that case you might see him talking about the song and sharing on all his social media platforms without you asking. That’s why majority of writers and bloggers will prefer to concentrate more on the established artists whether they are paid or not.

The pride of every blogger is have an exclusive beautiful and attractive content.


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