19 Nominations For Cameroon In The Golden Movie Award In Ghana

One may wonder whether the Golden Movie Award in Ghana is organize by Cameroonians in Ghana or still the normal award movie ceremony a country organizes, because of the long list of Cameroonians nominated at this year’s event from almost every category.

The Golden Movie Awards is an annual award that seeks to honor outstanding achievement in the African television, digital media and film industries and is administered by the expert in the Cinema & Television, the Awards recognizes film Excellence in a variety of categories for an international appeal. Read more

Cameroon getting 18 nominations is a no surprise to anyone, considering the level of work and energy put in by the country’s film stakeholder. From the acting department right down to the gaffer department, the cinema industry in Cameroon has witnessed a lot of improvement during the last past few years.

The home movies don’t only pull the local consumers but has also been welcomed in bigger award movie platforms internationally.

Though the cinema industry in Cameroon has been trending across the continent since 1992 because of its style and cultural diversity portray in its films, its recent world appraisal is due to the continues influx of English films accompanied by a handful of French films.

Not as if the country’s film domain is growing only with the efforts of the adults’ actors, one of the most contributing character to the realization of many of the country’s award winning films is the little, Mayorchu Atem-Ebai, a kid whose love and conviction for acting has help many Cameroonian filmmakers uncover majority of their scripts. The kid is simply a cinema bigwig with a small body.

Among the three Cameroonian films nominated at the event, are two feature films with two different themes, shot in two different cities and short film. Tenacity, A Good Time To Divorce and H2O, are the three movies out of many to be selected in the country.

Just to prove that the cast and crew are not in any way sleeping at night, Cameroon also gets 16 nominations making it a total of 18 nominations. See list below.

  1. Tenacity (Indigenous Movie)
  2. H2O (Short Film)
  3. A Good Time To Divorce (Overall Best Film)
  4. Joseph Song (Most Promising Actor)
  5. Nkanya Nkwai (Writer)
  6. Achilles Brice (Soundtrack)
  7. Fru Adrian (Soundtrack)
  8. Takong Dell Mezzo (Makeup Artist)
  9. Syriette Che (Discovery Actor)
  10. Mayorchu Atem-Ebai (Discovery Actor)
  11. ShaSha Designs (Costume)
  12. EB Creations (Costume)
  13. Takong Dell Mezzo (Costume)
  14. Takong Dell Mezzo (Cinematographer)
  15. Nkanya Nkwai (A Good Time To Divorce)
  16. Nkanya Nkwai (Director)
  17. Annurin Nwenumbom (Art Director)
  18. Eystein Young Junior (Art Director)
  19. Belvia Abinwi

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