Snazzy Wears A Love Mask In His Latest Video “Je Ne Ment Pas”

This will make headlines. Never was his sudden change and new music taste anticipating by any music critic.

Born and raised in Cameroon precisely in Limbe, Luma Terence aka Snazzy, blows the nation with the release of his latest love sultry jam “Je Ne Ment Pas”, a romantic and soul mending tune.

After championing peace and social ills in his debut song/video, My Government Why, Luma now turns his focus on love. They say love can fix everything, probably from repeating same complain over and over, its preferable love comes in with love to soften the heart of people to make peace.

Je Ne Ment Pas meaning I’m not lying, is a love confession. The video is shot and directed in Limbe by the very creative Adah Akenji of aMusic. Color graded with the popular teal and orange look, the video stares Rude Bway, another sick dancehall lord.

Don’t get confuse with the cities when you watch the video, its Limbe and not a beach in Cape Town. Its classy!

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