Pop Culture: Magasco Confirms Collabo With Singuila – Interview

Magasco might not be coming back home empty handed as he hooks up with French based artist, Singuila, in France for a collabo.

Preparing for his return anytime next month from France where he has been all this while for a short European Tour, Magasco was fortunate enough to share the same stage with Pit Baccardi and his group, Secteur A. A concert with over 20.000 thousand fans. That act by his boss to invite him on the stage made him took to the social media to express his love and feelings, appreciating his boss and thanking God for making his dreams becoming realities.

Magasco’s name is not new to the African community in France. The star was the first singer that made majority of Cameroonian to know Dosseh, a Defjam rapper based in France was a Cameroonian when they did a collabo, OUBLIER in 2016. The song didn’t just made wave across Cameroon but also introduced Dosseh to many Cameroonians and after that, was the breakthrough of his hit song, Wule Bang Bang, which also created an impact in Paris, Monaco and others cities in France.

Jumping on a collabo with Singuila is a very good idea and will be the second collabo the French star is doing with Empire Company. 5 years ago, Singuila remixed Duc-Z, a former Empire Company’s artist hit song “JE NE DONNE PAS LE LAIT” featuring Pit Baccardi. The relationship with Singuila and Empire is too close.

Talking with Magasco yesterday when he made the announcement to the public on social media, Kamerflow also learn from the star himself that, the song is already ready and was recorded in France. Magasco’s confirmation also confirmes his recent studio photo he has been uploading including the one with him and Singuila in the studio.

These are two amazing artists about to drop on one beat. One can now start dancing even without seeing the artwork of the song.


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