How Focus Wan Shey Is. Artist Drops Two Songs Despite Social Media Noise

This is the time when you know who a real artist is; Placing his or her career in front of everything and never willing to stop for anything not adding to the progressive dream.

Cameroonian rapper, Wan Shey, a capital based rapper, releases a double cover of the Yellow Season project initiated by Dijay Karl.

Rap on the same beats as other rappers, he jumped on the Ngwassang beats produced by Method J and Congo Meat produced Greezy with a different energy.

Ngwassang means “corn” in his dialect. The song sounds like a long-written song the rapper has been working on before been sent the beat to jump on. A traditional rap bars calling the names of his ancestors and other names of some African heroes. The song was recorded and mastered by Iron Beats in Yaoundé.

In the song Congo Meat, Wan Shey preaches more about the entertainment industry and the sickening and weird thoughts of fans and some artists toward the domain. You get to hear lines like “it’s not even a job yet people dong di wan for blow”, “we need some medication like Damien Marley”.

Download Ngwassang and Congo Meat.

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