Ramzy Choko On Another Ghetto Vibe “Boboh Du Ghetto”

With about 4 music videos already in his name with a handful of audios yet to be release, Yaounde based rapper, Ramzy Choko, releases the official music of his latest song “Boboh Du Ghetto”.

Recorded and released last year, the song has been one of the most anticipated street songs in the Capital city, Yaounde.

In 2017 when the Biduum Mpkwatt greeting was treading, the star was the first Cameroonian to compete and later won the challenge with the best song and video. That year, Yaounde did not only to confirm his rap ability but also Douala and other big cities.

Boboh Du Ghetto is a-fan-song inspired by little children how they usually welcome their parents after  a while. For him, the song will from now serve as his welcome song on any show.

The video is a ghetto concept paying much attention to the theme, a rich kid in the ghetto.

Ramzy makes his presence feel by delivering very heavy punchlines that will attract many young rappers and youths to follow him.

Watch the video directed by an upcoming video director, Kini Wolfgang.

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