Ewube Changes Gear In Her Latest Song “On Mélange” – Video

After several months of hard work in the studio, Ewube has kept a positive energy flowing and she won’t throw in the towel after her epic tune “Stay” featuring Locko.

Amidst issues concerning her career, management, choice of genre which sparked a viral controversy on social media, Ewube remains focused and bent on her primordial goal to deliver good music to her fans. The musical high-flier has decided to step in front of the camera. According to the sultry singer, “Good music is all that matter” and she will keep churning out smashing tunes to her ardent fans.

One of the songs from her rich repertoire is the well-crafted and salable dance tune titled “On Mélange”produced by Mageek Feengaz. Her maturity and overly catchy vocal delivery is once more displayed on this one. She uses trending dance moves in Africa and creates her of dance steps and choreography as seen in the video.

The video features highly energetic Camer dancers and directed by Geraldrico Guevara. Ewube brings an absolute banger for you to savor.

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