Why Magasco Should Be Awarded Best Comic Cameroonian Artist

Magasco on countless occasions has open himself to the film world by showing film directors beamed-green lights signaling his acting skills. The afrobeat and RnB artist hasn’t only been able to entertain the world with his hits but has also been able to perfect it with his acting ability.

Earlier this year, he started an online skit called #MirrorChallenge, which if not because of his busy musical schedule, would have grown into another face of his on the social media. The Mirror Challenge was very welcomed by many and had lot of shares, likes and views as well. Hope he it brings back!

23% of Magasco’s social media accounts, especially Instagram, is on comic images and footage. A very funny and entertaining artist who believes entertainment should be an all-round thing, that is, been able to do multiple acts in the domain.

In his recent video performance, TROP PARLER by Pit Baccardi, he expresses one of his best acting skills in an interior bar scene.  Not only jumping on the song with an astounding chorus, he goes ahead to act even more than his composed boss, Pit Baccardi.

Trop Parler is just another big thing that will happen to Pit Baccardi. Since last year, one of Pit’s biggest song has been with Magasco, ONE BY ONE and Trop Parler seems not an exception to be another jam snacks and clubs won’t get tired of.

Magasco’s acting talent is just as unique as his style in the industry. His closeness to his fans and followers makes him colleague to Tenor. The both artists are social media-influencers even though Magasco’s comic videos has keep him at the top.

Magasco is the most comic musician in Cameroon and it’s probably time award event organizers start thinking of how add to “The Best Comic Artist of the Year” to their list.


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