Spanking: Magasco Ends the Week with A Brand New Video “Under My Bed”

Clean as always, Empire Company’s finest, Magasco, drops the official video of Under My Bed, 2 st song in his Golden Boy album produced by Sangtum.

Under Ma Bed is a success story that reminds Magasco of his early days when he started as local singer before reaching the level he is now. Magasco in his lyrics, clarifies his critics about his luck, talent and shine as not be of any black magic “Juju no dey under ma bed”, meaning I have no secret pot under my bed.

The video is directed by Adah Akenji in Douala and co-directed by Mr. Tcheck. As always, dancing to the njang instrumentals produced by Pazzo (Sangtum), will leave you put it on non-stop.

Beautiful images, girls and location, the song is definitely a cultural heritage. Enjoy


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