A Message from Syndy Emade to Her Unborn Baby

Cameroonian star actress and producer Syndy Emade, yesterday decided to shut down social media with stunning pictures of baby bump.
The photos got every critic, bloggers, followers and fans sharing and wishing her best of luck as she starts the motherhood journey.

If all ladies were as happy as the way she sounded with her article on Facebook, abortion will wipe off the face of African. She posted with so much excitement and eagerness to hold the baby in her arms like every experienced mother – what an inspiration to young girls.

Still to tell the world who the angels father is, the actress on her vacation, published the most inspiring letter any Cameroonian actress has ever written to her unborn child.

“Dear baby,I know you are few months away but I just can’t wait to meet you. Feeling you roll & play in there, I can’t believe how fast time flies. I listen to all your movements getting to know you already each day. I can’t wait to hold you skin to skin, heart to heart and for daddy and I to tell you “We love you”. We have prayed for you, hoped for you and dreamed of you 😇. Thanks for letting me carry on with work like the days I had to tuck you in just to finish shooting onset. You have made me glow and given me strength like never before.
I can’t wait to nurture you, instill good, great and Godly values and shower you with so much love ❤️
Xoxo ur moma to be.

Her letter is that type that already tells the sex of the child, female…lol
This is indeed lovely, showing such love to a child in the womb, what then will happen when he/she finally sees the world? Oh!
Syndy might have not just taken a vacation, but a birth trip.
Congratulation, we can’t wait to celebrate with you dear sister,

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