All You Need To Know About Wan Shey’s Trendy hash tag. #TTEPS

SABIBOY RECORDS is thrilled to announce the release of their sole artist, WAN SHEY’S Twin EP Project which consists of two world class EP projects; CHOPCHAIR & SERENE, locally available VIA MOBILE MONEY (MOMO) Purchase and every digital platform internationally on the  5th SEPTEMBER 2018.


  • CHOPCHAIR EP’s hip hop/Afro trap vibe is an in-depth breakdown of Wan Shey’s place, time and situation of birth. Very colorfully presented through tracks like Chopchair, Kimbo etc this particular project seeks to be the long awaited self-introduction the artist’s fans have been waiting for since he officially launched his career few years back.


  • SERENE EP on the other hand is Wan Shey’s “NOW” playlist as it basically discloses his present state of mind and what is what in his life right now. The care and meticulousness in which the lyrics and the accompanying instrumentals come together is quite something. A process that goes forth to create a sound as only him can.


Wan Shey has come to create a name for himself with his ability to create witty and sarcastic lampoons addressed at society’s mishaps all the while maintaining a well refined sense of humour and possessing a wonderful agility in creating visuals from syllables. Sole artist under Sabiboy Records which he doubles as founder/CEO, our guy might well be on the path of history makers.


Wan Shey sure knows how to surprise everybody with the most basic lines dabbed with truth, comedy and natural wit”

                                                                                    Eric S.Bannav (Promoter)

 “It’s like he intentionally attacks your ribs, legs, heart and brain at the same time, its genius”                                                              Herman Djampou (Critic)


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