New Act: Fame Empire Officially Introduces Its New Signee, Biroki

As the sun rises and sets every day and everywhere around the world, so do musicians come, get famous, get rich and give way for young lads with new flavors, styles… to continue the vibe.

In Africa, the Cameroon music industry is one of the most promising industries with a lot of diversity in terms of arts. A country in Central Africa with over 250 ethnic groups with each having its unique culture.

Music practice, learn, sang today in Cameroon comes from almost all parts of the world. The country is a landing ground for all genres of music and this has led to the rise of many popular artists today like the likes of Stanley Enow, Jovi, Salatiel Locko, Tenor, Daphne, Magasco, Mink’s, Mr. Leo, Maahlox Le Vibeaur, Blanche Bailly etc.

Cameroon is the feature of African music, a nest where talents are breath. Being the only bilingual country in Africa has not only favored the political and economic sectors of the country but has open doors to all its local artists with international collabos today creating a way for new acts to come and have fun.

Making his official entry into one of the most exciting industries in the world this 2018 is Biroki, a hardworking afro beats singer coined with swag and fashion like the likes of Numerica, Magasco and others.

Biroki A Iyoh Michel Gael, artistically known as Biroki, was born in DoualaLittoral Region of Cameroon on the 10th November, 1993 but hails from a small village in the Centre Region called Bafia.  As a little child gowning up, anything entertainment was at the center of his life which is why in Limbe, where he grew up, dancing was his first choice before anything. Back then as a dancer, he was called, LaPache, a name given only to outstanding dancers.  “I am a born dancer” – Biroki

While a dancer at that tender age, interpreting songs from different artists was one of his hobbies which is one of the force that makes him an exceptional vocalist in his generation today. 3rd child in the family of four with three boys and one girl, Biroki is a Bilingual Letters (English and French) student at the University of Buea whose passion for music started not too long ago.

In 2012, Biroki was the talk of his secondary school-days when he released his first single, kprakatowa.  Kprakatowa was a Coupe Decale dance choreography music he created that added some weighs to his already shining fame as a popular dancer in the school yard and off school yard in local snacks and bars in his city.

Like every talented and polished artist today in Cameroon and living with the experience of the sociopolitical unrest in the two English-speaking regions in the country, he draws his inspiration from day to day happenings around him – the society and its hassles.

Kamerflow: How do you get inspired to compose your music?

Biroki: My inspiration comes from the society. When I talk of society… I talk of the good and bad. I just imagine a real story and freestyle while recording with my phone. And I move with trend.

Kamerflow: If you say you move with trend, that means you don’t have a particular focus… You follow buzz.

Biroki: No I don’t follow buzz; I just bring instructions through my music. My music brings out joy, Sadness sometimes when they relate to sufferings, sicknesses, killings ….

Kamerflow: What are your greatest dreams as an artist? That is, how far do you want to see your career reach?

Biroki: For real I don’t have a limit… may be the sky will be that limit. My dreams are to carry my music to the top, for other generations to see it as an example, as a good one.

Kamerflow: Are you an indie artist or signed in a label?

Biroki: I am a signed artist …with Fame Empire.

Kamerflow: How do you enjoy your signing with the label and do you think with the team, Fame Empire, your dream of the sky being your limit and also an example for generations will come to light?

Biroki: First of all, every beginning is painful, but I will like to say that I love singing with the label because this label took me without even knowing me that much. The boss is an elder brother and young father to me. He sees me as his brother…. gives me things more than expected…My time is the only guarantee I think that can lead me to where I am hoping to be. I will add by saying that success comes from God and our personal efforts. So, my efforts combine with God’s blessings, I am definitely heading for the sky.

Kamerflow:  You listen to Cameroon and African music I guest, who are the African and Cameroonian stars you admire?

Biroki: I listen to African music in general and I can’t really choose who the best is or the one I admire the most because they are all great. But if  I have to choose in Africa I have Fally Ipupa, Wizkid, Flavour, Adekunle Gold, Simi, Brymo, Mirage, Super Sonic, Sidiki Diabate and back home, I have Petit Pays, Ben Decca, Mama Nguea, Sam Mbende, La Route, Grace Decca, Eboa Lotin, Kotto Bass, Sergeo Polo, Henri Dikongue, Doni Elwood, Belca Tobi, Bebe Manga, Ndedi Eyango and for the new generation, I have Mr. Leo, Charlotte Dipanda who is my best female, Daphne, Mink’s, Tenor, Ko-C, Jovi when it comes to rap, Pascal, Stanley Enow, Dynastie Le Tigres, the best vocalist in Cameroon.


Kamerflow: Who do you see yourself like… among those names you have mention?

Biroki: I don’t see myself in anyone, I’m just me. I just do my thing the way I feel and expect people to love it. It’s true that sometimes I might sound like this or that artist in some of my songs but it’s just because I listen to everybody …every good song!

Kamerflow: The music industry today is saturated with so many ghost-artists, do you think your case will be different?

Biroki: I just know music is in me so… I can’t separate it. it’s true we say nothing last forever but I will make sure my music and my stay last for long.

Kamerflow: What are the new flavors you are bringing into the music industry to guarantee your anticipated long stay?

Biroki: My melodies, my lifestyle, my creativity…

Kamerflow: How many songs do you have already and what is in the pipeline (coming up)?

Biroki: Many songs and some are unfinished. I can say I work every day so; I can’t count them but the one coming soon is title “PARDON”.

Kamerflow: Tell us a little bit about the project, Pardon… idea, what it is talking about, who produced and directed the video and when it will be dropping.

Biroki: Pardon is a song compose by me … It’s a song in which am asking forgiveness to a lady I offended. Just a way for me tell my people to learn to say sorry when they are wrong… The song is produce by Edge (the music boy) young talented and God fearing producer from Buea… And the video is directed by Yonka films.


Started last year 2017, Fame Empire is a Bamenda based Music label with a mission to bring light to a city known for its plenty talents and no selling avenues. Within one year, Fame Empire has reach expectations of becoming not just a regional powerful label among the two English regions but to other parts of the country.

An independent label owned by a young and speedy entrepreneur; Fame Empire stretches its hands across only signing artists as the case of many music labels in Cameroon, to also incorporate the signing of profession dancers. The label now is far more like a one whole family, having both an audiovisual production team in place and cast ready to go at any time.

Though Bda is known as one of the highest export of Cameroon’s talent, it can only boost of only few home labels that can motivate music investors and talent searchers to the city. However, the coming of Fame Empire with the speed and objective it is coming with, more lights will shine over the roofs of those hidden talents to expose them to the world as it expands its scope beyond the city to the Capital city, Yaoundé and other cities like Douala and Buea.

Biroki’s name may sound new to your ears but I bet you his voice won’t.

Biroki on Instagram

See more about Fame Empire on Facebook

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