Ko-C and Ivorian Rapper and producer Ariel Sheney collabo on the way

Earlier this month, Big Dreams Entertainment’s “Balancé” prodigy, Ko-C, his boss and others, made it to the capital city of African showbiz, Abidjan. Their stay according to online updates has been very fruitful with the numbers of radio and television shows that they have been attending.

Yesterday September 17th, the boss on Facebook, announced the big collabo coming from the “Bolo C’est Bolo” star and Ivorian street rapper and producer, Ariele Sheney. Just with two major hits, Ko-C has already high hopes to make it through in the African music scene.

The Big Dreams Entertainment label has a bent to always prepare for their breakthrough using the Ivorian gateway – same with the case of Locko in 2016 when he went to Ivory Coast and returned with two videos. Big Dream Entertainment is most quiet and strong music labels in Cameroon. Its understanding of how the game works has never fail and just as was the case of Locko, Paris might be the next stop for Ko-C.

The song by Ko-C featuring Sheney has not yet been release and like any song that they hope for it is high, it might only drop same time with the visuals. Earlier this week, the video shoot took place in the capital Abidjan with mostly indoors scenes. See pictures.


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