New Audio: Egbe – “How Did We Get Here?” Listen

Thee808 Nation national guard, the music boy and gospel champ, Egbe, releases the official of his new single “How Did We Get Here?”. Once known as the most peaceful country in the African continent, the peace once known in Cameroon is now a myth in the eyes of the world.

Singing from a firsthand experience, Egbe stresses on the continues killing and blood flow of people in the gutters of North West and the South West Regions of Cameroon.

“How Did We Get Here?” is a very powerful question every Cameroonian is asking his or herself today. This was not predicted to happen to a country with peace like this.

Egbe releases his song at the brim of the presidential elections, a song that might lure voters, with their voters in their hands, to critically do a check and balance about the candidates before putting their voters’ cards in the ballot boxes.

It’s almost getting to three years since the gutters of the Anglophones regions in Cameroon is bleeding with the souls of innocent civilians as some continue to flirt from their regions for safety in other French speaking cities.

We can live in peace, we need one another, love and harmony.

The song was written and produced by Egbe.


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