A Run-Down of Numerica’s Outfits So Far in The U.S.A

Since the beginning of the year 2018, Cameroonian superstars have been enjoying the honors of being African stars, rolling and dining with other big names in the African showbiz industry and even having collabos.

With Stanley Enow, Magaco, Mr. Leo, Minks leaving behind positive impressions in the growth of the 237 music industry in Cameroon’s first ever major music festival, #MadeInCameroon in the U.S, other top stars like Daphne haven’t been covering her eyes with countless incoming booking calls – same stories with Locko, Tenor and others.

This month was yet another for Cameroon’s number one fashion-artiste, Numerica. Not only known for being one of the most handsome entertainer in the industry, Numerica is also a virtuous singer with a good number of hit songs, including the most appreciated this year, “Validé

With Numerica, one thing is for sure, if one part of his talent doesn’t sell another will.

The Arise Entertainment front line singer is currently in the USA for a handful of projects. Initially, his going to the USA was for the Afrimma award and also as a means to introduce him to his Americans fans by the label with the means of getting him hooked up in shows, renown producers, press and others.

As always, his stay Is being marked with a continues change of outfits. Numerica may not always be dressing expensive but everything on him always seem expensive – Classic

Here is a run-down of his wardrobe.



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