Cameroon meets Benin as Ko-C invites Fanicko on his new track “Sango”. Listen

Already a brand name all over the nation, Big Dreams Entertainment’s front line singer and rapper; Ko-C, makes his debut to Benin by featuring with one of its most popular young stars, Fanicko.

Known for dropping nothing but hit songs, a collabo with Ko-C will make Fanicko’s fourth collabo with a Cameroonian. Fanicko first feature was with Mr. Leo, then, Fanicko ft Daphne, Mink’s ft Fanicko and now, Ko-C ft Fanicko.

“Sango” Is nothing but a hit song that will stand the weathers of December. Dished out by two young talented fast African rising stars, the song is a perfect collabo and as every marketer will say, this is the period for the song.

Like Kosss’ first song to hit a million “Bolo C’est Bolo”, Sango walks almost the same path with nothing more than praises to God for the blessings in his life.

No one expected this to drop before the packaged Ko-C and Ariel Sheney were cocking when he went for his media tour in Ivory Coast.


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