New: Rythmz – Azig Azig (Official Video) Directed by Adah Akenji

Empire Company’s duo, the talented Rythmz, releases the official video of their long anticipated song, AzigAzig, a song inspired from an old Cameroonian melody children use to sing back in the days especially after schools.

So legendary in every single they drop, AzigAzig is the second song release with almost the same energy like their last song, Fedeti, also a wistfulness of their old days.

Before its release, PhillBill bounced on the trendy Timaya’s #BamBamChallenge and included the AzigAzig melodies in his. His own cover went viral as Nigeria’s dancehall king; Timaya, talked about it.

The song was produced by Phillbill and mastered by K-Master-K-Mix and directed by Adah Akenji – Adah has been the one behind many of their past amazing video clips.

Watch and enjoy!

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