New Audio: Timing Is Everything – Der Oscar Effekt Ft D-Terence, Twennie

German based artist Der Oscar Effekt just released his end of year track “Timing is Everything” featuring D-Terence and Twennie.

All three artists have been making waves in the German musical scene with several concerts, appearances and releases to their name. Hence it was with great euphoria that fans worldwide got the news of all three working together to unveil an epic end of year track – “Timing is everything”.

In it Der Oscar Effekt talks about how he handles his busy lifestyle of being an artist, a model and a fitness guru; D-Terence who has already proven his artistry over the years did what he does best and that is – combine heartfelt lyrics of life struggles and endurance with his signature delivery style; all topped up by Twennie’s unique voice that stands out from the crowd and creates a perfect blend for music lovers to savor.

All three artists were born and raised in Cameroon and have over the years been able to create a niche in Germany where they do not only showcase their art and talent, but equally sell the beauty of Cameroon to the world via the use of pidgin English, Franc-Anglais, English and French, and in some cases Bakweri (vernacular).






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