Empire Company Introduces Ko-C into The Power League in #Power4

Its barely few days left for the historic Golden Boy show concert for Empire Company’s king; Magasco, but the label seems not tired by recently releasing an album for Pit Baccardi and Magasco and just days before the D-Day, it is releasing “Power 4″, featuring Magasco, Rythmz, Mink’s and introducing Ko-C to the league.

This might just be another anthem to take over the festive month in Cameroon as was in the case of Power 1 Produced by PhillBill.

Ko-C coming into the pictures has long been a speculation of many Cameroonians especially the kamerflow team who long anticipated and wrote about it.

Pit’s introduction of Ko-C to the Empire collaboration of DJ Zoumanto ft Mimie and Ko-C, was a clear indication that Ko-C was definitely going to be the next Cameroonian artiste to seize the position of someone in the Power League.

Today, the label releases Power 4, a danceable song with almost same vibe and feeling as the other POWER singles.

The beautiful video is directed by Dr, Nkeng Stephens.

#Paposy #GoldenBoyShow #Magasco #22/12/2018


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