Frizzy Pays Hommage To New School And Old School Camer Music In Mash-Up Titled ‘Don’t Tell Me.’

ORVILLE management is thrilled to announce the release of the epic mash up jam video “don’t tell me” by Friizy, an exclusively #237 rare blend of old school traditional Makossa and a touch of contemporary afro pop love mix , comprised of original soft beats, emotional sing-along lyrics  and catchy vocals produced by Dijay Karl.

“Don’t tell me” gives us room to anticipate “Win together” which is the artist next project is said to drop mid next month. The mash up jam comprises songs from the artists Lokua kanza- Don’t tell me, Mr Leo – jamais jamais, Petit Pays – Maria, Friizy – no another, Phillip Miloko- Ndola mesoka, Sergio Polo – amour et folie. Click below to listen and enjoy :
Friizy, born Babey Kuneh Betrand is a young enthusiastic artist from Northwest of Cameroon. Him being the first and only artist signed to ORVILLE management due to his amazing talents, debuts his career with a mash up mix as a way of paying homage to the legends whose early works inspired him. He has always been a lover of ‘kmer’ music and his choice of mixing up these love jams is because to him love is universal language understood by all.
For more information, promo requests or to arrange an interview please contact +237 53328407, +237 670946889, +237670795189.
Facebook page: @Friizy
Instagram: @Friizy.babey
Twitter: @Friizy_forever 

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