Upcoming Super Talented Rapper & Singer, Wiz Dray Drops New Video – “Low Key”

Cameroonian born Kumba upcoming rapper and singer, Wiz Dray, an indie artiste based in Douala, drops the official video/song of his first 2019 project titled, “LOW KEY“.

 After jumping on over five different beats all from international artiste, and releasing all the covers, the kid’s style was later on seen by many as the key to unlock doors for other indie upcoming acts.

lyrical powerful and good in delivering juicy and comic slangs in his lyrics, “Low Key” is an afropop song he express his feelings on how he thinks, how he works his way out in every situation and how being on the low has changed his perception in the world of music.

“Low Key” is produced by V.I Cenzo and directed in Yaoundé by Kini Wolfgang. Put on your shaku-shaku shoes because you won’t be sitting down while watching/listening to the song.

Facebook: Wiz Dray

Instagram: wiz_dray


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