Young Holiday Pays Respect To The Kings Of Rap In His New Release Ft Benny Clancy. CICOY?

Vanilla Tunes announces the release of Young Holiday‘s Can I Count On You?, first video release off his  Emmanuel Album.

Humans are a social specie, always seeking to connect and relate with one another, always in search of a common frequency to vibrate, in a world where pretence and fear have become a big part of our reality.
Young Holiday wonders if there is any place for realness. He wonders if we could be there for each other being completely transparent.  This enchanted musical piece with conscious lyricism is made more thrilling as Young Holiday invited His Label Mate, Benny Clancy who featured with a soothing and smooth vocal reverberations unmatched.
The afro trap instrumentals produced by DJ Waxy brings his words to life. Mixed and Mastered by Ralf instrumentals. Video shot and Directed by TGiM Pictures.
This is a revolution in the Hip Hop scene of our industry as conscious and reflective rap is being born.
EMMANUEL ALBUM Is also available on every Major Digital Store including iTunes , Spotify, bandcamp,  muzeedigital and Mybebine for Streaming and Downloading

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